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Middle East Council of Churches supports poor families in Syria

Syria ranks sixth globally in terms of the number of people suffering from food insecurity, while Syrians today are struggling to put food on their tables more than ever before, according to the World Food Programme (WFP).  

Thus, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) continues to support Syrians facing the consequences of the harsh war by implementing several programs through the Service and Relief Department, Diakonia. Recently, MECC distributed 489 food baskets in the village of Kamouneh and 100 food baskets in the village of Mothbeen in rural Dar’a.  

One of the beneficiaries who received food assistance stated, “I do not have a stable income, so I buy small quantities of food from the market on daily bases. I was very happy when the MECC team called and informed me about the possibility of receiving a food basket because I had previously received two food baskets from MECC, which contained large quantities of various food items.”

He added, “This food basket will be enough for us for a month-and- a-half to two months, saving me the worry of securing food during this period. I will also be able to save money to buy food when we finish this basket. The people in the village of Kamouneh are poor due to a lack of employment opportunities and low financial income, so we need any assistance, no matter how small.”

MECC targeted the village of Kamouneh with three rounds of food baskets and the village of Mothbeen with two rounds.

Moreover, the Middle East Council of Churches had also distributed earlier poultry assistance for the same 100 households in Mothbeen that contains 30 laying hens in addition to installing coops and distributing fodder mixture kits, vaccines, vitamins, and veterinary services.

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