“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”


In a distressing incident on the 14th of October, 2023, Ahli Arab Hospital’s Diagnostic Cancer Treatment Center in Gaza City was struck by rocket fire. The ensuing strike wrought substantial devastation upon the two uppermost floors of the facility, specifically impacting the Ultrasound and Mammography wards. Tragically, this incident resulted in injuries to four dedicated hospital staff members, who are currently under medical care to address their wounds.

Distinguished as the Crown Jewel of Ahli Hospital, the Diagnostic Center plays a pivotal role in the provision of cancer diagnosis, offering a vital preliminary step toward the implementation of diverse treatment modalities, both within the premises of Ahli Hospital and in collaboration with other healthcare facilities.

In this challenging time, we ask you to maintain your unwavering support and heartfelt prayers for the well-being and safety of the hospital, its resilient staff, and the patients and refugees who seek shelter and care within its walls.


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