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Gaza Catholic Church of the Holy Family suffers shrapnel damage

Smoke rising over Holy Family church

The Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem has issued a brief update on the Holy Family Parish complex, located in Zeitoun, Gaza which includes the church, parish facilities, school, kindergarten, three convents, and two homes to care for children with handicaps and elderly; and where 600 people continue to take refuge.

They report that shrapnel from the Israeli army targeting buildings nearby, has destroyed water tanks and solar panels on the roof of the parish structures. Cars and other parts of the complex have also been damaged.

The parish complex has run out of fuel, so they have no electricity nor stable communication channels.

They say they will soon be running out of flour, which they need to bake bread on site – every other day if lucky.

They will very soon be running out of food, water and medicine.

They cannot exit the complex and it is not safe for anyone to get close!

The spokesperson commented: “adding salt to injury, the USA vetoed a resolution at the UN to call for a humanitarian ceasefire! What is the world waiting for? Please keep all the people of Gaza in your prayers.”

By Ann Farr/ indcatholicnews.com

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