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Jordan to hold sombre Christmas in solidarity with Gaza

Christmas will be different this year in the Kingdom of Jordan. No lights will shine as Christians celebrate the coming of the Lord.

The usually cheerful festivities will be muted, at the request of Christian leaders in the country, in a gesture of solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people just across the border.

Pope Francis has repeatedly called for a ceasefire in Gaza, where more than 18,000 people have died since Israel began military operations on 8 October.

The decision to cancel festivities, including bazaars, musical celebrations and the distribution of gifts, came from the Jordanian Council of Churches, which asked that its communities restrict their Christmas celebrations to prayer and religious ceremonies, as well as on donating to funds in support of children in Gaza. Over 10,000 children have died so far in the strip. 

Moreover, almost 2 million people have been displaced. With nowhere to go, and with neither food nor water, observers are describing the situation as desperate, a humanitarian catastrophe.

Bethlehem, too, will be dim over the Christmas period. There  will be no Christmas tree at the traditional site of Jesus’ birth. “We will celebrate in sobriety,” said Father Francesco Patton of the Custody of the Holy Land.

No celebrations this year, as the world weeps for the victims of violence. 

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