“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Christmas is quite difficult, we are worried about our fate, and we see the image of Christ in every child who is killed”

In a time when the world is floundering with various updates and scenarios, and amidst the lack of accountability and silence about what is happening in Gaza and the fear that this barbaric war and genocide will spread to more than one place, Christmas is quite difficult in Palestine, the Cradle of Christ, where children are killed, and families are displaced and starved to death without any accountability and punishment of the murderer. Enough war and genocide.

Amidst this pain and suffering and in light of harsh human circumstances, Reverend Dr. Munther Isaac, Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, spoke about the painful reality that Palestine is passing through today, which has led to the cancellation of all aspects of Christmas celebrations and decorations. Only Prayers will sorrow hope and will help people to seek solace in God.

He added:”

The nativity scene this year 2023 has expressed the reality of children being killed under the rubble, as well as the destroyed homes and displaced families, while the world continues to justify the killing of these innocent children. Therefore, our message in this time is a message of solidarity with the oppressed people, a message in which we affirm that God is with us, in our pain, sorrows, and suffering, even if Christ will be born under the rubble in Gaza.

Yes, the world celebrates Christmas and boasts various decorations and celebrations, while the Christmas of Palestine, the cradle of Christ, is witnessing the murder of children and the displacement of people. We are broken and worried about ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We ask ourselves if this war will spread to us, and will our fate be the same as in 1948 and 1967, so we do not know how this genocide will end? Hence, we say: Enough death and destruction… We want a decent life for our children and families in Gaza.”

Regarding what is really happening in Gaza and the consequences of these heinous crimes on the humanitarian level, Reverend Munther said:

“What is currently happening in Gaza is the genocide and ethnic cleansing of more than one million and eight thousand Palestinians. We realize and are fully aware that it is not a war against the return of the kidnapped, but rather a war against the Palestinian people. The evidence is the extent of the painful destruction caused by the [Israeli] war machine, which left a major disaster. About a million and eight thousand Palestinians are left homeless, in addition to their killing, starvation, intimidation and terrorizing.”


Moreover, he continued:”

So far, about 20,000 Palestinians have been martyred, including no less than 7.000 children, and all the Christians who were displaced and took refuge in the Churches have lost everything. [Israel] is still continuing to kill because it is not held yet accountable. The situation today is more than catastrophic, as we hear from friends terrifying stories that describes hell on the land of Gaza. The cold has become bitter and the people are without shelters, but with great hunger, witnessing deadly bombing, without food. Hospitals are crowded, there is no medicine, and  people are dying due to lack of medical care. People who only eat two dates a day die of hunger… Where is the international conscience? What human rights are we talking about? How will this genocide end? We need answers before it is too late.”

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