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The Armenian Quarter in occupied Jerusalem: ‘All Christians here are at risk’

As the genocide in Gaza persists, Israeli efforts to ethnically cleanse and displace more Palestinians to replace them with settlers continue all over Palestine. One prominent and current example is the Armenian Quarter in occupied Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has the world’s oldest Armenian diaspora community, going back 2,000 years. Nowadays, this historic quarter is under threat of demolition and confiscation. The hotel development company Xana Gardens Ltd. is claiming rights over property in the Armenian Quarter to develop a hotel over it. Israel has always been trying to change the demographics of the old city and impose a Jewish supremacy in the Muslim and Christian parts of the city in a variety of ways. The Israeli government relies heavily on settler organizations to take over land and property and on settlers who act as thugs to harass and intimidate residents to get them to leave.

By miftah.org

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