“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Christian Students Speak Out

It has been a difficult and devastating academic year to say the least for students and teachers in the Latin Patriarchate Schools throughout the Holy Land. Most students went to school daily while listening to bombing and shooting nightly. Many teachers reported lack of focus and concentration in their classrooms. It was a struggle to even physically make it to school. Some students were absent weeks in a row because they were not allowed to pass the checkpoints at all. Most students from villages suffered to go to schools in the city climbing down mountainsides and walking through dirt roads because towards the end of the school year the army imposed stricter closures than ever.

The worst thing of all is the frequent shooting at innocent people at checkpoints. It has become a pattern for soldiers just to open fire and shoot at anyone in site especially in the last few months. Many students and teachers were in the middle of gunfire for no reason at all other than to go to school or to return home from school. The Israeli army is becoming successful at robbing children of their education and their human rights but they have failed to steal the wishes of Palestinian students:

“My wish is to be a big journalist to tell the world about what’s happening in Palestine.” (Hussam, 6th grade, Ramallah)

“My wish is to see my country free and has no troubles. My wish is to see no occupation and no bloodshed. I wish to see girls and boys go to their school safely and happily.” (Reham, 6th grade, Taybeh)

“The Palestinians will fight until they achieve freedom because we have no other choice.” (Olfat, 6th grade, Zababdeh)

“I don’t feel that I am safe. I always feel that I live in fear and I’m disappointed because there is no stability. So I wish peace will be coming one day.” (Mary, 6th grade, Birzeit)

“We can’t play and enjoy life like other children in the world, but always Israeli soldiers shoot us, bomb us, and kill the Palestinian people, even the children. And there are some children sleeping in tents after the Israelis destroyed their houses… I ask God to give us peace.” (Manawel, 6th grade, Jifna)

“I wish that my three brothers one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their passport but by their character.” (Nadia, 6th grade, Ramallah)

“I wish that peace will be born in the Middle East…and thanks to God for everything he give to us.” (Ghadeer, 6th grade, Aboud)

“I want the refugees to come back to Palestine.” (Rana, 6th grade, Ramallah)

“I wish to raise our flag at the top of Jerusalem wall, at our capital and the sun rise again with peace in the land of peace.” (Wael, 6th grade, Ramallah)

When we want to have peace, the first step we live it inside ourselves and persuade ourselves that the peace is essential for our life. Then we persuade the others. The second step we pray to God to let these presidents to look forward for peace. The third step, we learn our small sisters and brothers the importance of having peace in our life. Finally we speak with all the people who don’t believe that the death and tragedy is worse than peace and war and hatred will lead to this tragedy. This means to me sand to everyone in the world to live with others, to accept each other as we are, to forget jealousy, hatred and war. But think in love and peace.” Niveen, 9th grade, Beit Jala)

A Poem By Tamara Shomaly, 9th grade
Beit Sahour Latin Patriarchate School

Even if we are occupied
And not satisfied
I have a desire inside
A desire to dream
A desire to fly
To reach the sky
To pray for love
For peace, for
No more war
No more disease

I’ll pray
For children not to die
For mothers not to cry
I’ll dream as long as I live

of something to do.
Of something to give.

I’ll take the wind and fly
Carrying my dream
I’ll sleep on a cloud
And dream


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