“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Update on the Situation in Beit Sahour, Hooray, I have passed high school…..

On August 7th the results of the Tawjihi exams (high school) were announced on our local Al Mahed TV station whilst we were under the imposed military curfew.

Hooray, I have passed high school……………

On August 7th the results of the Tawjihi exams (high school) were announced on our local Al Mahed TV station whilst we were under the imposed military curfew. Despite the curfew, those students who passed the exams, along with all their friends, went out on the streets in a convoy of cars to express their joy. Sadly, I do not know where these young people’s future is; they are living in a world full of oppression, in a world with constant siege that will prevent them from going to colleges in other cities in Palestine. I think for that moment their only thoughts were “thanks to God I have passed the Tawjihi exams”.

Let us all pray together that these graduates have something to look forward to as they start the next step of their plans for the future. Let’s pray that they can face better circumstances than their fellow students who are already enrolled in universities and colleges in Palestine. Let’s hope they will not have to go through so many check points to get to Bir Zeit University or other local colleges in Palestine. Let’s pray that they will face less humiliation in their coming years. Many students are seeking to study abroad, but most have no luck because of the expenses they need to enable them to travel abroad.

Lets hope for the sake of our children that this coming year will be a brighter one, one full of peace and an atmosphere in which to devote to their education.

Talks, talks, talks; that’s all we hear, but no action on the ground has been taken by Israel to ease up on our suffering.  We hear that the plan of withdrawal from Gaza and Bethlehem should take place very soon, but I would like to inform you of some of the destruction the Israeli authority has committed over the past few days while negotiating its new plan of withdrawal.

The Israeli Soldiers, followed with bulldozers and tanks are demolishing houses in the Bethlehem district in the early hours, making many families homeless. Does this show any sincerity in their willingness to withdraw? I do not know. Are they trying to cause as much destruction to us while they are still keeping us under their invasion and imposed curfew?

I sometimes wonder, since we have been for so long under their invasion and imposed curfews. How easy they can force a nation to be imprisoned in their own homes and their own cities, not able to maneuver freely to the neighboring cities and villages. How sad is our life and how much more sad is our future; the future with no hope as long as Sharon is leading his country to a disaster where only the innocents will suffer the most. Sharon must be forced to recognize the fact that we Palestinians are also humans and deserve to live free with dignity; that we are entitled to decide if we can go out of our homes tomorrow or not; to be free to travel to other Palestinians cities and villages; to be free to take the children out for a day to go spend it on the beach; to go to work, schools and colleges like normal humans usually do; to enjoy and plan for our summer vacations; to have the freedom to work and earn money and not to be reliant on humanitarian aid any more; Let us go out and earn our own living, to be free to raise our children and to plan for their future with no restrictions imposed by the Israel and the illegal occupation.

Occupation must end

Occupation must end

We the Palestinians are humans too

We the Palestinians are humans too

I am speaking out of frustration, I am sick of this situation. I just want to live free, to raise my two daughters in a free world, and to have them be proud to be Palestinians.

Suzan Sahori

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