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What Jerusalem Means To Us – About the book

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About the book

Jerusalem is a city like no other. Nestled deep in the heart of three Abrahamic faith traditions, the city carries a special weight in our varying, but interrelated cosmologies.

Jerusalem holds a place of distinction and privilege in our collective spiritual imagination and in our personal understandings of home. All of us who claim Jerusalem as a spiritual home are joined in fellowship by its promise.

What Jerusalem Means to Us is a special collection of heartfelt essays by Palestinian and other Christians of various cultural, ethnic, and national backgrounds sharing their intimate experiences in and reflections on the Holy City?

The world’s attention is focused on Jerusalem. What comes alive is in What Jerusalem Means to Us is that the Holy City belongs to humanity in general – to all those who seek, strive for, and pursue a higher calling in its hallowed ground; and it should remain as such for eternity.

Christians of all backgrounds and denominations, and others, are urged to advocate for preserving Jerusalem’s Status Quo and for maintaining it as the inclusive center of faith. They are strongly encouraged to stand in solidarity with the “Living Stones,” the Palestinian Christians and other Christians who continue to witness in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Holy Land, as they have done for the last two millennia.