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Knights of Columbus establish a new Holy Land Outreach Committee on the State Level in Maryland

The Knights of Columbus, already a faithful partner in the work of HCEF's mission, has recently taken its involvement to a new level.


The Knights of Columbus, already a faithful partner in the work of HCEF's mission, has recently taken its involvement to a new level. State Deputy Ronald B. White, with the support and blessing of State Secretary Edgar D. Haynes, has appointed a Holy Land Outreach Committee on the Maryland State level to work with HCEF in our mutual mission of supporting and sustaining the Mother Church of the Holy Land. The Committee will serve to stimulate and coordinate the activities of the Maryland Knights and their Ladies related to HCEF. It is chaired by District Deputy Lawrence Grayson, with the following members:  District Deputy Kevin Jeffords; Daniel Potrepka, Grand Knight of St. Manyanet Council; Brian Hoffman, Deputy Grand Knight of St. Elizabeth Council, and HCEF President Rateb Rabie who is a 3rd Degree Knight.

The Committee's initial meeting was held on March 6.  During this meeting, Sir Rateb Rabie briefed the group on the major initiatives of HCEF and discussed preliminary plans for proceeding with their involvement and support.  In a letter to Maryland Knights and Ladies announcing the appointment of the Outreach Committee, State Deputy Ronald White wrote, "State Secretary Edgar D. Haynes and I would like to demonstrate the leadership of the Knights and their Ladies in Maryland in reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land, and to help assure that Christianity remains vibrant in the land of our Lord."

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and the Supreme Council are in full support of the Mother Church, and they represent Knights in over 1.7 million members in over 14,000 Councils.  In Maryland alone there are about 139 Councils.  The Knights of Columbus has a rich program of encouragement and support for the Christians of the Mother Church. A recently developed program known as the Pacem in Terris Fund offers support for the educational programs administered by the Latin Patriarch and provides scholarships for student tuition.  Other forms of assistance by the Knights to Christians in the Holy Land include medical and hospital costs, provided through the Knights of Columbus .Social Fund..

From left to right: District Deputy Lawrence Grayson – Committee Chairman, members: Deputy Grand Knight  Brian Hoffman, Grand Knight Daniel Potrepka, District Deputy  Kevin Jeffords.

Rateb Rabie, HCEF President, commented "This action is a milestone, taking place at a time when the situation in the Holy Land is deteriorating and the number of Arab Christian is dwindling rapidly. This is a significant sign of hope from the Knights to the Arab Christians and a sign of encouragement to keep maintaining the Christian heritage in the land of our Lord."  Sir Rateb Rabie also said, "I would encourage the Knights of Columbus of other states to take this step and create a Holy Land Christians Outreach Committee in their respective States."

For more information on how to start an Outreach Committee or how to assist in the work of this Committee, please contact Lawrence Grayson at 301-933-8731 or email https://www.hcsn.org/HCEF/mailtL.Grayson@ieee.org, or Rateb Rabie at 301-951-9400 ext. 217 or https://www.hcsn.org/HCEF/mailtrabie@hcef.org.

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