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Mass escape from Hassaké, attacked by the jihadists of Daesh. Bishop Audo: “the agenda” of the forces is not clear

The last attack on the city of Hassake in the night between Wednesday 24 and Thursday, June 25 by militants of the jihadists of Daesh (the acronym used to define the Islamic State in Arabic) is triggering a new humanitarian emergency in the Syrian province in northeastern Jazeera. Hundreds of families forced to leave their homes increase the mass of internal refugees already present in the Syrian region. "The militiamen of Daesh – refers to Agenzia Fides Chaldean Bishop Antoine Audo SJ, president of Caritas Syria – bombed in the night between Wednesday and Thursday all areas of the city. Then, in the early morning of Thursday, 25, the mass exodus began, which also involved hundreds of Christian families. Only among the Chaldeans, at least sixty families have moved to Qamishli along with pastor Nidal, while ten other families reached the parish of al-Malikiyah. And now everyone is waiting to see how things evolve".

Hassaké in previous weeks had been the subject of attacks by the militia of Daesh, so far always rejected by the government army and the Kurdish militia. Now also Bishop Audo sees in the last jihad offensive an attempt to put pressure on the Kurdish armed forces, that in recent days seemed to gain ground in the province of Raqqa, where there is always the stronghold of Daesh in Syria.
"The situation – adds Mgr. Audo – appears confusing". Caritas Syria has already taken steps to send food, medicines and basic necessities to help the new refugees. "Every day – explains the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo – there are new emergencies, even in areas hitherto spared by the conflict. People are tired and afraid. There are many weapons. A small incident can provoke tensions and provoke violence, even within single villages. Our duty is to stay, and try to move forward in this situation. But it is not easy".


Source: Fides News

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