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Guidance and Training Center for the Child and Family Visits the Bethlehem Museum

1The GTC and the Scottish group touring the Museum

Bethlehem, Palestine – On December 12th, 2015, a local mental health center, Guidance and Training Center for the Child and Family (GTC), along with an affiliated  group of Scottish psychology professors, visited the Bethlehem Museum. The Scottish professors are working with GTC to train local psychologists and counselors in Palestinian schools and hospitals to improve the delivery of mental health services. The group took a tour of the Museum and was fascinated by the intricate architecture of the Roman Aqueduct currently on display. They were also impressed by the mother-of-pearl and olive wood handicrafts, which reminded them of Scottish crafts.

2The group discussing the exhibits  

Photographs in the Museum’s Living Stones exhibit also caught the group’s attention. The photographs depict scenes of Bethlehem during Ottoman and English rule, highlighting the impact these two regimes had on the Bethlehem community. The group commented that the photographs reminded them of the First War for Scottish Independence against the English. The group was also impressed by the Museum’s film archives, which document life in Palestine under the British Mandate between 1937 and 1943.

3Enjoying Lunch at Al-Karmeh Restaurant

After touring the Museum, the group enjoyed lunch at Al-Karmeh Restaurant. They expressed regret that the political situation has affected the Bethlehem Museum, but were heartened to see that the Bethlehem Museum continued to open its doors despite the clashes.

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