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Latin Patriarchate Schools reject insults aimed at religions.

A website has had a posting that insults Lord Jesus Christ which is offensive to all those who believe in Him, at a time when we are mostly in need of massing efforts to face the sensitive circumstances which our country goes through. This act has been repeated at this site and from other sides. It is regrettable that these sides and sites have a strong and direct impact on the local community. Such practices ended up in previous times with a posting an apology or a justification that does not reflect reality.

Based on that, we the schools of the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan, and on behalf of all the workers in our schools, Muslims and Christians, denounce and condemn this behavior carried out by Al Wakeel media page, reject any justification bereft of an apology for such a grave mistake. We also demand the Ministry of Education to condemn this acts and to follow up the issue judicially since it has grave ramifications on the education of generations. This behavior deepens, in some people, hatred, rejection of the others, as well as an attitude of disregarding them. We also demand speeding up the process of the curriculum updating. This behavior is the result of curricula that do not instill the respect for others, accepting them, and living with them as partners in humanity and citizenship. The alarm bell must be sounded to move hand-in-hand so as to protect our Jordan from these extremist ideologies so that Jordan would remain a lofty country and would set a good role model under the wise Hashemite leadership.

My God protect Jordan, its leadership, and its national unity.

Source: Amman-en.abouna.org

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