“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

How can you be great?

How can you be great?

You are great if you are aware that God created you great, and you try to imitate God. Saint Paul said:”As God’s dear children, imitate God” (Eph 5: 1).

Jesus also said: “You must therefore set no bounds to your love, just as your heavenly father sets none to his” (Mt 5: 48).

God created us great and He put in us an imminent orientation towards Him. He gave us the ability to transcend our borders, the limits of our Earth, and the limits of our ego. With this ability to transcend our Earth and our ego, we are great as God wanted us to be.

We become small when we forget what God has made us into, when we forget our existential relation with God and want to find our greatness only in Earth and in our ego. We are greater than that. In the narration of the Creation, in the Book of Genesis, God told man to give creatures their names, and to be their master (cf. Gen 1: 28 & 2: 20). A human being gives the Earth its greatness, not the opposite. Your greatness will not depend from vast properties or large money to which you enslave yourself and others.

The reality of life and history gives power to the owner of money, to tyranny and injustice. But this is not the truth of human dignity. Money may remain in the path of love and service, it may become itself a human value; it may be purified by the dignity and the purity of the human being.

It may also be source of enslavement and oppression of the brother; it may create a person of war, a criminal, a murderer, and you forget that God alone is Lord and the Lord of your brother and sister.

With all that, human beings become small despite all the false manifestations of greatness and power that they or others may attribute to them.

by Patriach Michel Sabbah


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