“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

HCEF distributed 100 Food and Health Packages to families in the West Bank, accompanied by a $10,000 donation to aid families in Gaza.

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) has recently concluded the third phase of its efforts to provide support to those in need. This involved distributing food and health packages to 100 families in the West Bank and contributing a $10,000 donation to aid Palestinian families in Gaza.

Given the challenging economic conditions faced by Palestinian families, worsened by factors such as war, siege, Israeli closures, displacement, and loss of life in Gaza, as well as widespread unemployment due to worker displacement, the Foundation recognized the urgent need to assist vulnerable sectors of society, particularly underprivileged families. Consequently, they initiated a program to distribute health and food parcels to those most in need, marking the third phase of their comprehensive assistance plan.

HCEF aims to foster solidarity and social cohesion within the community while acknowledging its social responsibility during these economic hardships. This program demonstrates the Foundation’s commitment to standing by those facing economic challenges and providing essential support. Through such initiatives, they believe they can ensure essential resources are available to families in need, improving their overall well-being and offering hope during challenging times.

Dedicated to supporting all segments of society, especially the vulnerable, HCEF seeks to alleviate the burdens faced by the people in Palestine. The recent distribution of parcels and aid has had a significant impact, effectively relieving the distress of recipient families. The provisions are sufficient to sustain a family of six for an entire month, comprising essential items like rice, flour, oil, sugar, canned goods, and around 30 different provisions. Additionally, supplementary sanitary materials and sterilizers have been provided.

Sir Rateb Rabie, President and CEO of HCEF, addressed the current situation in Palestine, emphasizing that the challenges faced by the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are primarily due to ongoing Israli War on Gaza along with occupation and its brutal practices. He highlighted the detrimental impact of prolonged conflict, including frequent closures, sieges, and the prevention of daily activities for workers and farmers in the Westbank. The high prices and global economic conditions further exacerbate the difficulties faced by Palestinian families.

In response to these challenges, the Foundation has been actively providing humanitarian support to affected communities, implementing a comprehensive aid program. They have carried out several phases of the food security program in the West Bank, benefiting over five hundred families, and many families in Gaza with financial aid. HCEF committed to addressing the pressing needs of the Palestinian people, HCEF remains resolute in its mission to aid and support.

THCEF expresses gratitude to all contributors financially and in kind to this charitable endeavor and acknowledges the dedication of volunteers and employees who facilitated the efficient distribution of essential parcels. In light of ongoing challenges faced by vulnerable families, the Foundation appeals to philanthropists and benevolent individuals for assistance through material and moral donations. Donations can be made at https://hcef.org/donate/.

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