“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

Tawfiq Al-Sabbagh

Tawfiq bin Fath-Allah Al-Sabbagh was a musician and author from Aleppo, Syria. Born Elias, he received his elementary education at the Greek Orthodox School and later went on to work at its church as an Intoner, or someone who sings hymns. He later changed his name to Tawfiq Al-Sabbagh and moved to Cairo. However, he later returned to Damascus where he established a musical school and a club. In Damascus, he began teaching music in schools as well as on the radio station of Aleppo. He has several music tracks, including his most famous one entitled Awatef (Emotions). Al-Sabbagh also published several books, including Ta’lim Al-Fonoun (Teaching Arts) and Majmo’at Kita’ Mosiqiya Sharqiya (A collection of Eastern Music Tracks), the latter of which holds all his composed tracks as well as tracks of other Arab and Turkish composers. His publications also include Al-Angham Al-Shaqiya (Eastern Melodies), Ta’lim Al-Oud (Oud ”Lute” Education) and Al-Dalil Al-Mosiqi Al-Aam fi Itrab Al-Angham (The General Musical Guide in Rapt of Melodies).

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