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HCEF Completes Restoration of 7 Wells Serving Vulnerable Communities

Bethlehem, Palestine – HCEF recently completed restoration of 7 community wells in the Bethlehem area, providing clean, safe water to local non-profit organizations working with vulnerable communities. In total, the wells will provide 1,073  cubic meters of re-fillable water to 1,271 people. In collaboration with its partners, The Pontifical Mission of Palestine (PMP) and the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ), HCEF is proud to have served the following communities:

The Antonian Charitable Society of Bethlehem is an organization which provides free housing and meals to elderly women whose families have emigrated in search of a living wage. With a staff of 25 and a live-in elderly community of 27, the well will provide undisrupted access to clean, safe water for 52 people. Mr. Anton D’aboub, the center’s director was grateful for HCEF’s contribution: “We really needed this well. Water shortages are always happening in Bethlehem and this well will fill a great gap. We are very lucky to receive this gift.”

Sira School in Beit Jala is a special education center serving approximately 50 children aged 6yrs to 16yrs. The school serves children with intellectual disabilities in a context where support for special needs children is severely underfunded. HCEF and its partners renovated two wells for the school, providing  water for the students and teachers who learn and work there.

The Evangelical Lutheran School in Beit Sahour is a K-12 school whose mission is to provide positive models for coexistence among students of different religious backgrounds while equipping students with the skills they need to build safe and secure livelihoods. HCEF and its partners renovated two wells at the school, providing 287 cubic meters of water to 450 students and 31 staff.

The Greek Catholic School in Beit Sahour is a K-12 school dedicated to fostering academic excellence among its student population. HCEF and its partners renovated two wells at the school, providing 424 cubic meters of water to 650 students and 38 staff.

With access to water an ongoing threat to the local community, the restoration of community wells ensures these critical organizations can continue the life-giving work they do in our community.

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