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HCEF Provides Flu Shots to Senior Citizens in Birzeit.

On 1/12/2021, the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation provided flu shots to 31 senior citizens at its Birzeit Social Development and Cultural Center, in coordination with the clinic of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Birzeit. It is noteworthy that the type of immunization that was offered is one of the most highly regarded brands of influenza vaccine. This vaccine, which was obtained from France, functions effectively for the winter season.

The Ministry of Health recommends flu shots for everyone to maintain health during the winter. Vaccinations provide protection against influenza and are necessary for people who may suffer from complications of influenza: patients with chronic diseases, patients with damage to the immune system, pregnant women, and infants and children between the ages of six months and five years. At the recent event in Birzeit, the attending nurse’s services were not limited to vaccination, but she also gave a full explanation of the importance of healthy food, appropriate medications, and daily care at home, especially for patients with diabetes and stress-related problems.

The vaccination event was an implementation of the goals and vision of the HCEF, which always seeks to provide services such as medical, social, and psychological care for the elderly. The HCEF promotes solidarity in efforts to improve the provision of services to all the diverse groups within Palestinian society.

We can only say thank you to Mrs. Faten Mukhaimer, RN, at the Birzeit Health Clinic, who carried out the task, and thank you to the BSCC Advisory and Administrative Committee for their valuable work and support in all areas.


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