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April 2010: A Trip to Jenin

On April 24, 2010, HCEF organized an excursion to Jenin for the members of the Fr Anton Buzo Senior Center in Birzeit as well as their families and friends. These elders have been living under occupation for decades and, as such, they cannot leave their towns unless HCEF acquires the permission and permits for them and provides transportation. Even their sons and daughters cannot make plans for a visit because their movement is similarly restricted.

Jenin is a Palestinian city in the northern West Bank. Though it is only a few miles away, many of the seniors had never been there. They visited the Haddad Tourism Village, one of the largest resorts in Palestine. It was a beautiful opportunity for the seniors to enjoy panoramic gardens, fountains and palm trees. They met new seniors and shared stories. They visited the museum which displays various traditional implements used in agriculture and the traditional ways of life in Palestinian society. HCEF thanks the many volunteers who made this trip so memorable. These trips give our elders a glimpse of a life outside their very local milieu. It gives them hope in a future with a more united society.


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