“Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with human SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY”

HCEF Concluded the Celebrations of the International Elderly Day.

HCEF concluded the celebrations of the International Elderly Day at Birzeit Social Development & Cultural Center (BSCC) on October 18, 2021, in appreciation and respect for the elderly. They are the blessing and pillar of our homes, and their hopes and prayers for us are for our success and our survival in good health.

The Birzeit Social Development & Cultural Center hosted the faculty from Abu Shkhaidem Girls School, located north of Ramallah, as an expression of the importance of the International Elderly Day and as an effort to consolidate public relations with the local community, partner institutions, and schools in the community. Representatives of the school administration and its teaching staff were present.

Mrs. Adalah Qaad, from the village of Abu Qash, brought a traditional breakfast for all the elderly. She took this initiative to express her heartfelt appreciation of the elderly and to honor them. This sumptuous breakfast included plenty of healthy food. She commented that it is our duty, according to our ability, to fulfill the requests and needs of the Elders. Also, she presented gifts consisting of homemade soap that she had produced by herself at home.

The BSCC strives to expand and improve the services provided to the elderly. We put into action our respect for them by sharing their concerns, sorrows, hopes, and aspirations, and honoring them in their homes.

The events and activities were concluded with singing and bingo, as well as gifts from the Center for the 7 elderly bingo winners.

We cannot but say thank you to all the participants, whether from Atara or Birzeit, both the members and the elderly. We extend our sincere thanks to the administration and teaching staff from Abu Shkhaidem Girls School, headed by the school’s director, teacher Fatima Hamdan, for their participation in this celebration. Appreciation is also extended to Mrs. Adalah Qaad from Abu Qash for her valuable initiative in providing breakfast for the elderly.

Sir Rateb Rabie, President and CEO of the HCEF, thanked all the institutions and schools in the neighboring villages and cities that share activities and events with us by means of cooperation, coordination, and continuous networking through our programs offered at BSCC. Our programs are aimed especially for the elderly, women, and youth. The BSCC stands out as one of the most prominent development models to be emulated in nearby cities. It is based on providing advice, support, and assistance to neighboring villages and towns to benefit from the experience and programs offered by the Center to diverse groups, whether at the level of services, health care, or social and psychological assistance.

We offer an open invitation to all institutions to cooperate and continue in these areas.

On your day, we wish you all the best…

We welcome you to join us.

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