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HCEF Provides the Third Dose of Corona Vaccine for the Elderly.

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, provided the third dose of Corona vaccine, administered by a specialized team of nursing staff from the Ministry of Health at the Foundation’s Birzeit Social Development & Cultural Center (BSCC). On Monday, October 15, 2021, seventy-seven people were given the Pfizer vaccine.

These 77 recipients comprised a little more than half of the 150 residents of Birzeit and Atara who had received their second vaccination six months previously. The earlier immunization, administered at the Birzeit Center, had been the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. Because the third vaccination is of another type, not identical to the first type, some people were inhibited by their fear of this different vaccine, which had been developed and manufactured by Pfizer and is known to be extremely effective.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health and the medical staff responsible for vaccination confirmed that this vaccine does not conflict with any other vaccine, especially because six months have passed since the previous injection. An official letter from the Ministry of Health has confirmed this. It is necessary to remember that the Palestinian Ministry of Health does not have the option to choose vaccinations for the Palestinian people. Moreover, it is our duty to raise awareness among our people to motivate them to take the third vaccination to protect themselves. Protection is especially important because the Delta virus, which is the most prevalent Corona variant, is a serious threat.

We at the Birzeit Social Development & Cultural Center will have a vital role and will work hard through health education projects to inform the public of the need for the third vaccination, especially for the elderly, youth, and women.

With these considerations in mind, we took this step under difficult circumstances: the ongoing spread of the Corona virus on a large scale, and the challenge of transporting the elderly and sick to the health centers in Ramallah. Transportation was necessary in order to administer these vaccinations in Birzeit. By facilitating the safe and efficient delivery of the vaccine at the Birzeit Social Development & Cultural Center, we were able to reduce the burden on other medical centers that have been established by the Ministry of Health.

We extend our deep appreciation for the efforts of the nursing staff from the Ministry who carry out these humanitarian operations with hard work and perseverance to serve citizens in need of vaccination.

This event is the continuation of efforts by HCEF to meet the needs of the population, especially the elderly, women, and youth. We always look forward to coordination and cooperation with the institutions in Birzeit and Palestine to serve our people.


For more information, please contact hcef@hcef.org. Your donation for the seniors is appreciated, https://hcef.org/programs/bscc/

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