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HCEF Sponsors another Iftar Ramadan for the Elders.

The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) sponsored a second Ramadan Iftar (“Breaking the Fast”) at its Birzeit Social and Cultural Center (BSCC) on Thursday, 28/4/2022. The purpose of this Ramadan Iftar, which is hosted by the Foundation in this holy month, is to bring joy and happiness to the souls of the elders, to confirm Islamic-Christian brotherhood and harmonious co-existence, and to assert that while we, the people of the Holy Land, belong to diverse religions, we are firmly united in sharing the same Arab culture, history, and language, and in suffering together under the Israeli occupation.


Father Dr. Louis Hazboun, Pastor of the Latin Church in Birzeit, affirmed our Christian message of warm fraternal relations between members of different religions in order to strengthen our friendship and mutual support amid the challenges facing our people.


Mr. Muhammad Abu Diab, a member of the BSCC’s Advisory Board, warmly welcomed the participants and conveyed the congratulatory message of Sir Rateb Rabie, President/CEO of HCEF, to those present. On Sir Rateb’s behalf, he explained that the Iftar is purely an expression of the spirit of Christian-Islamic brotherhood, in line with the mission and goals of our Foundation. In Palestine we are one loving, cohesive family, sharing aspirations in common and guided by our holy religions. He emphasized our cultural and religious awareness and our deep respect for our Muslim brothers in Birzeit. He concluded by wishing everyone a blessed fast and a joyful breakfast.


The organizers of the Iftar, Ms. Najwa Khoury, HCEF Program Director in Palestine, and Mr. Dawood Shaheen, member of the Advisory Board of the Center, described the importance of the Iftar, which is especially meaningful for the elders from the towns of Birzeit and Atara. They expressed appreciation for the participation of local community institutions in Birzeit, who work together on all special occasions throughout the year, and thanked all the attendees for their support for the BSCC and the elders, whether financial or moral. This support is especially significant in the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of goodness, of ties of kinship, and of fasting. They extended their thanks and appreciation to all volunteers from Birzeit University and other volunteers who faithfully assist with all BSCC events and activities, such as Mrs. Fairuz Rabie, Miladah Alhaj, Asia Eid, Moqbel Ziada, and Suzan Tannous.


This Iftar was attended by the Mayor of Atara, Mr. Nasr Atari, and some of the community members who are partners in these activities, in addition to members of the Community Accountability Committee and representatives of the Bible Society, the Birzeit Women’s Association, the Birzeit Orthodox Scouts Group, the Al-Rozana Association, the Palestine Circus School, as well as a representative of the Birzeit Council of the Unified Parents of Education in Birzeit, corporate personalities, and a large group of Birzeit residents.


On the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, the HCEF would like to extend its warmest congratulations and best wishes to all of you, and we ask God Almighty to bestow goodness and blessings upon us all and to grant security, prosperity, and welfare to our dear homeland.


We welcome you to join us.

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